Fitting Battlefront figures to K&K bases.

by. Josh Kael

Some of our customer have had difficulty fitting some figures on their bases, some companies seem to have no standard size for their metal bases so they may need a little doctoring to get them to locate correctly. With many of our bases this isn't even an issue we try to make the figure hole as large as possible while maintaining enough space to include a reasonable amount of detailing.

There are many methods of doing but situations like this I'm a big fan of the simplest and quickest method that gives a very good finish



So you have your figures and your bases, in this case I have 5 Battlefront, Afrika Corps figures and an Infantry Base - Urban. I know they don't exactly match but I chose the bases with the smallest holes I could find and the figures with the biggest bases.

.The Problem

AS you can see the figures don't quite fit. You could at this point break out the needle files and spend hours expertly fitting them in true engineering style. Admirable but unnecessary.
The base is clearly infeasibility large and quite thick so filing is not a good option.

.The Solution

The solution is elegant in it simplicity, it not in it's execution. Just get a pair of side cutters and trim the bases as close to the figures feet as possible
Here we see the finished base, total trimming time 20-30 seconds if that, no need to file it the base doesn't need to be pretty it's going to be hidden.

.Fixing and Fitting

Now you can just glue the figure into the hole or as I prefer use a little putty to hold it on place. This does two things first it fills up the space around the newly reduced base and secondly it allows you to line up the figures feet level with the top surface of the base.
I would strongly suggest that you prime, paint and varnish your figures after the trimming stage and before fitting them to the bases, I haven't done this just to speed things up. I personally prefer to paint the actual resin bases before the fitting stage.

.Finishing Off

Once all the figures have been places just brush a bit of PVA glue around their feet so you can attach some scatter material to conceal the base.

Add a scatter of you choice, for Urban and Desert bases I like to use a fine sand/grit for Rural I like the grass like scatters commonly used by model railway enthusiasts.
If you have already painted your figures and bases all you now need to do is blend in your scatter, if you use a pre-coloured material of the correct hue you don't even have to do that.


And that is basically it, quick, simple but effective. Bit like me really. I hope this helps make the process easier.