Painting Kerr&King Infantry Bases

by. Josh Kael

Kerr&King produce lots of bases, that's how we started out. It has always been our aim to allow everyone the opportunity to have really nicely based armies with the bare minimum of effort. To that end here's the first of what I'm sure will be many articles on how to paint our bases. This time it's our generic Flames of war Style bases which are now available in both 5 and 4 man variations.




Paints. I use more or less all Vallejo Model colour these days and for this project my main colours are going to be 116.Dark Yellow,125. Desert Sand, 005.Ivory, 145 German Cam Med. Brown and 150. German Cam Black Brown. I'll also be using a few other colours for the corrugated iron, oil drums etc. My main brush is going to be a size 10 Pro Art System 3 Filbert, it's a fairly low cost workmanlike brush that really gets the job done and providing you give a good clean in warm soapy water when you've done with it it'll last you ages. Also a size one good quality sable brush for the detail work.



It's recommended to firstly wash resin in warm soapy water before you try to paint it to remove any residue from the casting process. Even better that soapy water is Acetone a quick dip is sufficient , be sure to follow all the safety guidelines for the use of acetone especially with regard to ventilation and eye and skin protection.
Once cleaned up the bases need a coat of black primer.



Once the primer is completely dry using the large filbert brush give the bases a good drybrush* coat of German Camouflage Black-Brown

*See 'Drybrushing' below

Next a slightly lighter drybrush of German Camouflage Medium Brown mixed with a little Dark Yellow.
Now an even lighter drybrush of desert yellow


At the risk of sounding patronising I'm going to give some guidelines on this most basic of techniques, when I have time I'll do a whole article on it. But for now the secret is in the name 'dry' the brush needs to be dry before you start, really dry not just a quick wipe on a paper towel, the paint needs to be thick and undiluted. Once you have got your brush nice and dry and dipped it into your undiluted creamy thick paint you need wipe almost all of it off, again it's 'drybrushing'. A good check to see if your brush is dry enough is to test it on the back of your hand, if the paint only colours the high points of your flesh and leaves the deeper grain of your skin unpainted then everything is perfect. Now just move your brush across the surface of you building so that the bristles only touch the raised up texture of the walls.

Lastly a final and very light drybrush of Ivory to make the base texture really 'pop'. Then I like to use some black paint to re-prime the areas still to be painted like the corrugated iron sand bags etc.
Some very basic highlighting of the general detritus and we're all done.

And Basically that's it, now all you need to do is fix your painted figures into place, if you are finding it trick, some of the figures bases are very large, check out our Fitting Battlefront figures to K&K bases tutorial