16th September 2020

Sales still on hold

At the present time I am unable to resume web sales.

I am still looking into resin supplies and testing alternatives.

It is unlikely I will be up and running this month.

Apologies if I miss seeing an order made in error but be assured I will refund as soon as I see it.


Stay Safe




1st July 2020


From today I have suspended sales on the web site.

The changes in postal rates mean that I cannot offer free postage in the future. I need to look at the rates available from alternative sources and see what I can factor in. I will then need to apply that to the web site.

This will take me a couple of weeks possibly longer.

The resin supply has been patchy at best during the pandemic so I also need to find a consistent supplier or preferably work with my current supplier to find a workable solution.

If any orders are made inadvertantly I will issue a refund.

Apologies if you were itching to buy but these are tough times.


See you on the other side




18th November 2019


Another year draws to a close.

Thanks to everyone for your orders during the year.

It has been a busy year and I am taking an early break.

200 years ago an ancestor took up a posting to help further his military career and I shall be retracing his travels over the next few weeks so as of 12:00hrs today any orders received will not be posted until after Monday 6th January 2020.


Orders placed after 12:00 18/11/19 will not be processed until after 6th January 2020




27th September 2019


Autumn is pushing on the door and temperatures are slowly falling a busy few weeks lie ahead with an upcoming visit from my Oz cousin which will certainly put my liver to the test.

All orders are up to date and I am taking a week off to get things ship shape.


Any orders placed after 10:00 a.m. 27/09/2019 will not be shipped until week commencing 7th October 2019.





29th May 2019




The year is racing by. Many thanks to new and returning customers.


Currently the Japanese and Karelian buildings are unavailable but should be remoulded soon.


It's the time of year when my CO insists we spend some time on the garden and so production will be suspended for the next couple of weeks.




Please note :


Orders placed after 9:00am 29th May 2019 will not be shipped until after 19th June 2019.






11th December 2018








Another year is drawing to a close and the last few orders are on their way.




I am locking up the workshop until the New Year and should be up and running again on 7th January 2019.




Best wishes to you and yours and I hope you all get chance to get some game time and/or painting in over the next couple of weeks.








Any orders placed after 21:00 hours 11/12/18 will not be shipped until after 7th January 2019
























8th October 2018
















Summer has flown by (along with part of the workshop roof in late August). Fortunately production wasnt hampered too much and orders were dispatched timeously. My painting plans had to take a back seat though so the lead mountain continues to grow.
















A rare opportunity has arisen to visit some relatively untouched ruins and I can't pass it up so I will be away until the end of this month.
















Orders placed after 14:00hrs on 8th October 2018 will not be shipped until 2nd November 2018
































































18th July 2018
















The holiday season approaches.
























I will be closing the workshop for a couple of weeks and I will not be able to ship any orders received until I return
































Orders received after midnight 18th July 2018 will not be processed until 28th August 2018
































































































23rd May 2017
































































































The year is racing by. I managed a trip to Salute last month. Good to see many familiar faces doing the rounds of the stands. There were a few people I couldnt get to - which is good as they were busy selling.
































































































































Some of the new products and figure ranges are fantastic. With new technology and almost daily new Kickstarters these are exciting times for the hobby. I am sure we will never get the end of our lead mountains (or SLA / filament / mdf mountains)
































































29 September 2017
































































Unfortunately due to an unexpected bereavement no orders will be shipped after 17:00 today.
































Shipping will resume on 10 October 2017
































































































































12th July 2017
































































































































The holiday season approaches.
































































































































I will be taking a couple of weeks off soon and to that end I will not be able to ship orders until I return
































































































































































































































































Orders received after midnight 20th July 2017 will not be processed until 8th August 2017
































































































































































































23rd May 2017
































































































































































































The year is racing by. I managed a trip to Salute last month. Good to see many familiar faces doing the rounds of the stands. There were a few people I couldnt get to - which is good as they were busy selling.
































































































































































































































































Some of the new products and figure ranges are fantastic. With new technology and almost daily new Kickstarters these are exciting times for the hobby. I am sure we will never get the end of our lead mountains (or SLA / filament / mdf mountains)
































































































































































































































































Hope to update soon with some new items.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































26th January 2017
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Im off on Holiday
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Hi all. Its been over 5 years since I saw one of my boys.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































So the time has come where I cant put off the trip any longer.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































I've just packed the latest orders and now I am on to my case.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Any orders placed from now will not be shipped
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































until I return after 28th February 2017
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































All being well I should be shipping again by 3rd March 2017
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Thanks to www.matthewjukes.com for the trip tips "100 Best"































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Welcome to the Kerr & King website. Over the past couple of years we have worked tirelessly, thinking about it maybe 'endlessly' is a better word, to bring you the very best cast resin product that we can at prices that offer good value for money.

7th November 2016       Buried Alive !
Hi, I'm disappearing in the overcrowded workshop.
Drastic action is called for and so I need to empty a large part of the workshop and re-organise the storage and production areas.
To facilitate this I need to suspend shipping for a few days while I move the zombies out. They can prune the roses and sweep the leaves around the workshop while I take care of things inside.
Orders placed after 10:00am GMT Wednesday 9th November 2016 will be dispatched on Monday 21st November 2016
28 June 2015
New items coming soon

Hi its been a hectic time of late. There are some new items at a late stage of development.

10mm Some scenery items in production with a couple still on the drawing board should start to filter through soon

15mm A set of terrain pieces are at a very late stage of production and should appear next month



13 Apr. 14  
Well I've just loaded up the new prices, sorry we had to do that but wei did try to mitigate it by giving everyone several weeks notice of the rise. We just hope that the Postal serviced and our suppliers don't do the same yet again.

We had a good day at Salute yesterday, thanks to everyone who came by the stand and we hope to see you alll again next year.

3 Apr. 14  
Just a quick post to inform you guys that we'er going to be taking a couple of weeks break after Salute and therefore the deadline for web orders that we can Guarantee shipping before Salute weekend is 12 midnight Monday 7th April. Order received after that cut off may not be shipped until after 29th April.
31 Mar. 14  
Hi,it's now less than 2 weeks to Salute and we are in full prep mode here at Kerr&King but we wanted to take a few moments out to let you know that we will be taking a break straight after Salute and therefore will not be posting out any order for a couple of weeks while we rest and recouperate.

As we have previously announced we will be raising our prices across the entire range after Salute to bring them into line with recent increases on material and shipping cost. If there is something you really want at Salute we strongly recommend that you drop us a line at theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk to place a pre-order. Okay, that's enough for now, time for us to get back to work, see you all at Salute.

13 Mar. 14  
Greeting, we're sorry to have to announce this, but it has been a long time coming. We are going to have to increase our prices across the whole range.

It's been several years since Kerr&King had a price increase and it that time all our material and packaging costs have increased multiple times and the cost of shipping has absolutely rocketed in recent years. So we are left with not option but to increase our prices. However we are not doing it right away. We wouldn't want anyone to be cursing because they didn't order something yesterday before the increase.

So, in the spirit of fairness we giving you, our loyal customers a couple of weeks notice of the price rise. Our new pricing will not come into effect until Sunday 13th April, that should give all our mail order customers and any who are attending Salute (12th April, London Excel) plenty of opportunity to get anything they want before the price rise.

If you are attending Salute and want something specific it may be advisable to pre-order it to ensure that we do not sell out, simply drop us an email with 'Salute Pre-Order' in the subject to theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk detailing what you require and will make sure it is put to one side for you on the day.


30 Nov. 13  
Hi, we've just updated (and by that I mean 'corrected') the terms of our FREE SHIPPING policy, please see the 'FREE SHIPPING' link in the side bar for full details.

Briefly if your order exceeds £20 sterling even by just on penny then shipping is free of charge. However orders of £20 or less will incur a standard shipping fee of £3.00.

Sorry of any confusion or inconvenience.

21 Oct. 13  
Hi again, it's a new month as we have some new bases for you guys. We're staying with the 'Field of Skull' theme especially as Halloween is just around the corner we have three more sets of bases for you.

KK294 50mm Square, set of two

KK295 60mm Round, set of two

KK296 120mm Round, set of one

13 Sept. 13  
We have some more new bases for you guys today. with the success or our recently release Horror base sets KK286, KK287& KK288 we decided to stick with the macarbe and begun sculpting up an new range fantasy and sci-fi bases with a common theme, the 'Field of Skulls'.There are five new sets of bases in our initial release...

.KK289 20mm Square, set of ten

KK290 25mm Square, set of eight

KK291 40mm Square, set of three

KK292 25mm Round, set of eight

KK293 40mm Round, set of four

19 Aug. 13  
Hi, we're going to be taking a short break soon, just to recharge our batteries, catch some sun and maybe even get some personal painting of miniatures done. As a result of our summer hols any orders received after Sunday 25th August will not be shipped until Monday 16th September at the earliest. Thank you for your understanding.

On a completely unrelated note, a few of the guys here have recently gotten into 'Fire and Sword', if you don't know it it's set in 17th century Poland and they have found the buildings in our Kolkhos range KK-171 ideal for the period.

Just a thought, see you all in September

10 July. 13  
We have some new bases for you guys today. It seems like the whole world has gone Cthulhu mad with everyone either releasing Cthulhu based games or themed expansions for exisiting games. And basically we felt a little left out, so to that end we present three new sets of bases.

KK286 30mm Horror Base Set

KK287 40mm Horror Base Set

KK288 50mm Horror Base Set

10 Apr. 13  
Kerr&King we're busy preparing for Salute and with only 10 days to geo we are at feve pitch here. We will be bringing, as usual our full range of high quality resin cast bases, buildings and terrain features. Also, as usual we have limited space in the van and there is always the chance of us running out of items before the end of the show so if there is something you specifically want it may be worth droping the resinzombies a quick email to pre-order any items.
17 Jan. 13  
Kerr&King would like to wish a belated Happy New Year to all our friends and customers and we look forward to seeing you at York Racecourse on the 3rd of February for the ever popular Vapnartak show. We will not be in our usual spot this year, we can be found on the 1st floor opposite the stairs. Please direct all pre-orders to enquiries@kerrandking.co.uk and well see you all in a couple of weeks, snow premitting.
30 Oct. 12  
Today we are pleased to bring you the much requested and long awaited Fortification set for our popular 15mm Oriental range of buildings. As usual we have opted to sell each individual element separately as well as doing a set that comprises all the options at a significantly discounted price.
KK-281 Oriental Fortifications set KK-282 Oriental Gatehouse KK-283 Oriental Tower KK-284 Oriental Wall set KK-285 Oriental 45deg Wall set
17 Aug. 12  
It's been a busy few weeks here at Kerr&King. While we were getting the finishing touches completed on our soon to be released additions to the ever popular 15mm Jamanese range of buildings we have also been doing a spot of revamping and remoulding on our range or 15mm Russian buildings and now the entire range is once again available for sale.
  • KK-131 15mm Russian Farmhouse
  • KK-132 15mm Russian Barn
  • KK-167 Russian Farmhouse
  • KK-168 Russian House with Damaged roof
  • KK-169 Pair of Russian houses with Damaged roof
  • KK-170 Large Farmhouse
  • KK-171 City in a Box: Russian Kolkhoz
  • KK-268 Russian House with overhaning roof
  • KK-269 Russian House with tarpaulined roof
  • KK-270 Heavily shelled Russian House
17 Aug. 12  
Hi, just a quick heads up to let you know about some exciting new stuff from K&K, we are currently putting the finishing touches to some fantastic additions to or highly successful 15mm Japanese ra'nge of buildings. The should be available shortly as soon as we have finished 'polishing them and get the moulds made. In the meantime why not whet your appetite with our exiting range:-
KK-249 Oriental City in a Box   KK-250 Oriential Inn Building KK-251 Oriental Storehouse KK-252 Oriental Peasant House KK-253 Orental Dwelling KK-254 Large Oriental Dwelling.
We're not too far from our next show either which will be the Derby Worlds at the new Donnington venue, we are really looking forward to that. As always the amount of stock we can carry to shows in limited by vehicle space so if you are planning on attending and specifically want something there is always the option of pre-ordering just mail you pre-order to theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk
21 Jun. 12  
Please note that we are having a revamp of the workshop and will be unable to ship any orders between 09th July 2012 and 20 July 2012. Any orders placed after cob 06th July will be shipped the week commencing 22nd July 2012
1 Jun. 12  
More fantasy bases for our steadily growing range. Today we bring you 'Forest' bases, these three sets of bases (30mm, 40mm and 50mm) have beautifully detailed trees on them and would work well for a variety of games settings. KK278 50mm Forest Bases

KK278 50mm Forest Bases

KK279 40mm Forest Bases

KK280 30mm Forest Bases

28 Mar. 12  
Hi there, got a few new additions to our Sci-fi and Fantasy range of bases, all would work very well with systems such as Malifaux, we have a set of 30mm Steampunk bases that would be great for any faction while the set of 30 and 40mm Tombstone although could work for any faction look great with either Guild or Resurrectionist figures in them.

Anyhow why not check them out using the links below


04 Mar. 12  
Several folks have asked after additional Generic Bases in support of our previously released Generic Infantry bases so here for your pleasure we present a fully supporting cast of Generic bases

  • KK-271 Generic HMG/Mortar bases

  • KK-272 Generic A/T Gun bases

  • KK-273 Generic Command bases

KK-274 Generic Spotter bases
KK-275 Generic Artillery bases
29 Jan. 12  
Firstly we'd like to wish everyone a very belated Happy New Year, we've been having some technical difficulties which made it impossible to update the site earlier.

Secondly we'd like to remind you folks that we'll be at the Vapnartak show next weekend Sunday 5th January, as always we carry as much stock as possible but if you would like to guarantee you get any items feel free to pre-order by emailing theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk.

Lastly we've just putting the finishing touches to several sets of new bases, we have been asked on several occasions to produce Command, Spotter, Anti-tank gun and Artillery bases to support our 4 man and 5 man Generic bases so we have done just that, we're hoping to get them moulded in the next day or so with a bit of luck we should have some ready for Vapnartak

21 Nov. 11  

THE LAST DATE FOR ORDERS IN 2011 will be FRIDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2011 any orders received after this date will not be posted until 3 January 2012

13 Sept.. 11  

We know it seems a long way off but here is some vital information re orders for delivery before Christmas.

Last year the UK was badly affected by unprecedented heavy snowfall and temperatures of minus 20c. Flights were grounded for days and the knock on effect for the postal service was that there were extreme delays especially for international parcels. Some of our orders posted via airmail in the first 2 weeks of December did not arrive until late January and a few did not arrive until 14th February !!!

The long range weather forecast for this year is that we expect similar weather conditions and consequently anticipate the potential for disruption to the postal service again. In order to avoid the problems experienced last year we have decided to bring forward our final posting date so that your orders can be on their way before the weather and the seasonal postal rush starts.

THE LAST DATE FOR ORDERS IN 2011 will be FRIDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2011 any orders received after this date will not be posted until 3 January 2012

12 Sept. 11
Lot of new things today as well as the return of a few golden oldies. First off we have the latest additions to the Russian Kolkhoz range of buildings.
  • KK-268 Russian House with overhanging roof
  • KK-269 Russian House with tarpaulined roof
  • KK-270 Heavily shelled Russian House

Plus we have the re-release of several itmes that have been out of production for remoulding.

  • KK-003 Forward Command Post
  • KK-085 10mm Desert City in a Box (Set of 14 buildings)
  • KK-090 10mm Mosque of Sidi Ben Ferha
  • KK-102 15mm Rural HMG/Mortar Bases (Set of 4)
  • KK-257 Machine Gun Nest / Objective Marker

Wr have also been looking some of our other currently out of production items and we have decided not to remould KK-015 Three storey Bombed out building, instead we are going to go for a total redesign using all we have learded over the years to produce something much better so stay tuned for more details.

11 Aug. 11  
We have had to temporarily remove a few items from our listing for re-moulding, sorry for any inconvenience.


05 Aug. 11  

Time for a 'sneak peek' at a couple of the new additions to the Russian Kolkhoz building Range. The new buildings are all complete now and are simply awaiting Moulding.. In the meantime if you need to scratch your Russian building itch there is still plenty in the range to satisfy your needs u ntil the new ones arrive

  • KK-131 15mm Russian Farmhouse
  • KK-132 15mm Russian Barn
  • KK-167 Russian Farmhouse
  • KK-168 Russian House with Damaged roof
  • KK-169 Pair of Russian houses with Damaged roof
  • KK-170 Large Farmhouse
  • KK-171 City in a Box: Russian Kolkhoz
20 July. 11  
  • KK-095 15mm Two-Storey Town House
  • KK-111 15mm European City in a Box

Items are now back in production with nice new moulds along with an absolute raft of other itmes that have been freshly remoulded so ther couldn;t be a better time to buy Kerr&King. Speaking of buying why not take a lokk at our new Steampunk inspired set of 30mm Bases KK-267 30mm Dia. SteamPunk Bases perfect for your new Malifaux figures.

22 May. 11  
As you may have noticed your very popular Russian Kolkhoz buildings have been unavailable for quite a while now, instead of just remoulding the set of the masters we decided that we could use all that we have learnt over the last rew years to improve on the set so we set about re-designing and re-sculpting them from scratch. It was a lot of work that we technically already done once but we think it was worth the time and effort, we think you will appreciate the improvements. So enough rambling from us take a look at the finished result
  • KK-131 15mm Russian Farmhouse
  • KK-132 15mm Russian Barn
  • KK-167 Russian Farmhouse
  • KK-168 Russian House with Damaged roof
  • KK-169 Pair of Russian houses with Damaged roof
  • KK-170 Large Farmhouse
  • KK-171 City in a Box: Russian Kolkhoz
Check back later in the week when we should have news of the European City in a Box remoulds.
14 Apr. 11  
Until we can manufacure new moulds the following items are going to temporiliy unavailavle,
  • KK-095 15mm Two-Storey Town House
  • KK-111 15mm European City in a Box

Apologies for the innconvenience.

28 Jan. 11  
Hi all.

A few of you have been in touch about your orders and it would seem that there is still a huge backlog of mail in the system. Parcels we posted by Air Mail on 13th Dec are only just arriving in Europe and the USA. All we can ask is for your patience while the various mail companies get things back on track.

Can we also apologise for not replying to emails recently or acknowledging orders by email. We had a virus attack mid December on the PC we use for emailing and decided to avoid the risk of spreading it by putting email on hold til we eradicated it. It has been terminated and the PC has a clean bill of health so we can get back to normal service.



02 Jan. 11  
Happy New Year. We hope you all had a great Christmas. So it's 2011 and as in previous years we are releasing last years Britcon figure to the general public. This time we were inspired by the superb Germans Having Lunch figures from Peter Pig and crafted this great looking ruined farm for them to have quick break from the horrors of war KK-267 Britcon 'Germans having Lunch' Objective Marker.


24 Nov. 10  
Hi, we just got back and unpacked from this weekends Warfare Show in Reading, we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the stand, we had a great time and we hope you all did as well. One of the highlights of the show for us was getting completely 'sucked in' by the awesome Malifaux game we both bought into this in a big way and having read the rulebook in no time flat I have to say "good choice on our part" A big plus for us was how great the figures look on our 30, 40 and 50mm fantasy and sci-fi bases:-
  • KK-031 25/30mm Fantasy/Sci-fi base 40mm dia.
  • KK-032 25/30mm Fantasy/Sci-fi base 50mm dia.
  • KK-060 25/30mm Sci-fi Bases 50mm dia (Set of 2)
  • KK-061 25/30mm Sci-fi Bases 40mm dia (Set of 3)
  • KK-062 25/30mm Sci-fi Bases-Platform 30mm dia (Set of 5)
  • KK-063 25/30mm Sci-fi Bases 30mm dia (Set of 5)
  • KK-064 25/30mm Sci-fi Bases Mega Deal (Set of 15)
  • KK-116 50mm dia. Celtic style fantasy Bases (Set of 2)
  • KK-117 40mm dia. Celtic style fantasy Bases (Set of 5)
  • KK-118 30mm dia. Celtic style fantasy Bases (Set of 6)
  • KK-119 50mm dia Graveyard bases (Set of 3, suitable for Cavalry)
  • KK-120 50mm dia Rural bases (Set of 3, suitable for Cavalry)
  • KK-121 50mm Swamp Bases (2)
  • KK-122 40mm Swamp Bases (3)
  • KK-123 30mm Swamp Bases (6)
  • KK-124 50mm Swamp Bases - Plain (2)
  • KK-125 40mm Swamp Bases - Plain (3)
  • KK-126 30mm Swamp Bases - Plain (6)
  • KK-127 50mm Dockside Bases (2)
  • KK-128 40mm Dockside Bases (3)
  • KK-129 30mm Dockside Bases(6)
  • KK-130 30mm Urban Ruins Bases (6)
  • KK-176 50mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - VASA
  • KK-177 50mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Triad
  • KK-178 50mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Syntha
  • KK-179 50mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Viridian
  • KK-180 50mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Koralon
  • KK-181 50mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Junker
  • KK-182 50mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Gladiator
  • KK-183 40mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases
  • KK-184 30mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Set A
  • KK-185 30mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Set B
  • KK-186 30mm Dia Metropolis/Urban War Style bases - Set C


    Now that we have listed them all I am suprised by just ow many options there are available for these figures, Swamp and dock bases are awesome for the Gremlins and and another bayou figures, there are options for the resuractionists and neverbourn in fact I could find bases for almost any figure in the range.

22 Sept. 10  
Just a quick note to let you all know that the Resin Zombies are off on their annual holidays again, a liitle latter this year but definietley well earned. However while they are off having a well earned rest we wont be shipping any items between the following dates 29th September and 6th October, sorry for any inconnvience this may cause.
15 Sept. 10  
And then like magic it was fixed. I can't take all the credit though if it weren't for the help of my good friend Craig I'd still be scratching my head and saying bad words at an uncaring screen.

The View Cart button now seems to be working fine although you may have to clear your Cache to ensure your browser has loaded the new corrected code.

14 Sept. 10  
We've been having some problems with our 'view basket' button in so much as it has been showing an empty basket with the wrong title bar. I've been banging my head against a wall of code for the past couple of days to no avail so I have, for now, removed the buttons from all the pages until I manage to get it sorted out. Have left the one in the sidebar so I can continue to test my efforts.
20 Aug. 10  
Before we get into anything else we'd like to thank the Britcon crew, last weekend was very enjoyable as always so a big thanks to JD, Colin, Garry, Bob and the rest of the guys who organised the event, and a really big thanks to Mick, Ian and John from the Yorkshire Sneaky Gits for another fantastic set of Flames of War table, well done guys they were as magnificent as ever.

New Releases, we know it's been awhile but we have remoulded and remasters an absolute shed load of codes over the past few months most notably the entire Lingeveres range (KK-092, KK-093, KK-094,KK-095, KK-096 & KK-097). But we digress we have new releases they were actually on sale last weekend at Britcon and were very well recieved. Firstly we have a new set of 25mm Sci-fi Bases, KK-261 25mm GW style Deckplate bases which I personally love, I think they are some of the best Sci-fi bases we have made so far. Secondly we have four new buildings in the 15mm WW.II range, KK-263 Brick Dutch Building with hipped roof, KK-264 Brick Dutch Building with pitched roof, KK-265 Stone Dutch Building with one attic window and KK-266 Stone Dutch Building with two attic windows. Sorry there is now City in a Box deal at the present as this range is still in development with another 3 or so buildings in production, more on that as it happens/

13 Jun. 10  
We seem to have had a bit of a problem, apparently the site has been absent for a short time, best we can tell the server misplaced the code for the home page, happily it seems to be okay now.. Sorry for any inconvenience
07 Jun. 10  

Our program of remoulding continues and to that end we have removed KK-191 the Two Storey Italian Renaissance building from our listings due to mould degradation, however on the plus side another batch of freshly minted moulds have just made their way to the casting room so we are making headway.

01 Jun. 10  
Hi, just to update you all our extensive remoulding project continues apace as we are making significant headway. As soon as we have completed that we will get on with moulding new items such as our latest City in a Box set.

Also we'd need to inform you guys that we are planning on taking a bit of a break in the near future which means we will be away at the end of the month so our last day of posting before our break will be 18th June 2010 - any orders received on or after 18th June will not be shipped until 2nd July 2010.

On a personal note Nick lost his father recently and would like to thank all our customers for their patience and messages of condolence during this difficult time.

20 May. 10  

We've been really busy on extensive program of re mastering and remoulding many of the items in our range and con now confirm that the following items are once again available through our web site

  • KK-095 15mm Two-Storey Town House
  • KK-096 15mm Three-Storey Bombed Building Facade
  • KK-111 15mm European City in a Box
  • KK-112 15mm Small 2 Storey Shelled Ruin
  • KK-113 15mm Small 4 Storey Shelled Ruin
  • KK-114 15mm Large Ground Floor Ruin
  • KK-115 15mm 3 Storey Shelled Building

Additionally we have remoulded about another 20-30 codes in our range and are continuing to work through the moulds to ensure that our standards of quality remain at their highest possible level.

22 Mar. 10  

We have had to remove the following items from our listings as they are currently being remoulded we should have them back in a couple of sorry for the inconvenience.

  • KK-095 15mm Two-Storey Town House
  • KK-096 15mm Three-Storey Bombed Building Facade
  • KK-111 15mm European City in a Box
  • KK-112 15mm Small 2 Storey Shelled Ruin
  • KK-113 15mm Small 4 Storey Shelled Ruin
  • KK-114 15mm Large Ground Floor Ruin
  • KK-115 15mm 3 Storey Shelled Building

We are at present taking prerecord for Salute, if you wish to ensure that your items are in stock and waiting your arrival at the show them please don't hesitate to place a pre order by mailing us at theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk with a list or your requirements.

22 Mar. 10


Just like to say a quick congratualtions to everyone that took advantage of our first ever weekend promotion, however all good things come to an end and as it is now the early hours of Monday morning the offer has sadly expired and KK-249 Oriental City in a Box has returned to its normal price of £45.00, sorry if you missed out. We are considering other promotions in the future so stay tuned.
19 Mar. 10  
Friday already and as promised we are selling KK-249 Oriental City in a Box for a barging price of £40 for just one weekend, this offer will expire at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 21st. We are hoping to run similar promotions on the future so check back it would be a shame if you missed out on something you wanted at a bargin price.
15 Mar. 10  
Hi just a quick 'heads up' to let you know that we are having a special promotion this weekend on KK-249 our 15mm Oriental City in a Box. It will be available at a special price point from midnight Friday 19th until midnight Sunday 21st March, so if you've been condsidering geting one of these great sets you can do it this weekend at a special price. See you all then
23 Feb. 10  
Sorry we're a day late with this the painter was dragging his feet a bit with them but now isn't the time for finger pointing especially as I was the painter on this one :) Having said that we can now release the latest three additions to our North African range, instead of just knocking out some more adobes we thought we'd go for a more battle damaged look, so without further ado we have KK-259 the North African Shelled Adobe Ruin, KK- 260 the North African Small Shelled Adobe and finally KK- 261 a larger North African Medium Shelled Adobe.

Also we need to let you know that we are slightly behind of shipping orders at the moment do to family illness, we do apologise if you waiting for any items we will endevour to clear the back log as quick as possible and hope that you would be a little patient with during this trying time.

14 Feb. 10  
First off we'd like to thank the organisers of the Vapnartak event last weekend at York Racecourse, it was a great show and we really appreciate the chance to exhibit there this year, we hope to see you all again next year.

And now have a look at these, the new North African buildings, three shelled Adobes are just about ready for moulding, first thing in the morning we'll checking them over and doing a bit of last minute tweaking before setting them in RTV, form there we'll be doing a bit of 'proof casting' followed by some painting etc. all in all if you're liking the look of them they should be up for sale by the end of the week.

05 Feb. 10  
We have just updated our events Calendar for 2010, as always if you wish to reserve any items for an upcoming show please just email us your requirements at theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk.

Also we are just putting the finishing touches to some new additions to your North African Building range, check back next weekend for more details

01 Feb. 10  
Just a Quick update to firstly say that we'll be at Vapnartak, York on Sunday we hope to see you all there and to secondly say that KK-174 and KK-175 the Air Support markers are back on our website, we weren't even aware that they had disappeared, hope the server isn't gong to start playing up again.
01 Jan. 10  
Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a good time last night and that hangover should be abating any day now, I'll try to type quieter.

Well, first day of 2010 and we have a new goodie for you guys, it's KK-258 the Britcon '09 Objective Marker. If you haven't already seen it I think you'll appreciate the humour, it was very well recieved at Britcon last year. Right I'm going off to tend to my own splitting head, I hope you all have a prosperous New Year and the hammering in our heads ends soon.

26 Dec. 09  
First off we'd like to wish you all a very Merry (although slightly belated) Christmas, hope you all awoke yesterday to piles of super pressies and all had a great day, we did and now we're back at it. As is traditional, we bring you some new goodies on Boxing Day, this year we have a couple of new items fistly we have KK-256 following on from the success of our recently released 60mm weighted base we brought you the next logical step 30mm weighted Bases, superb for single flying figures such as Jump troopers, I'm currently re-doing all my Tau Drones to fit on these as I am well pleased with my Piranahs and Devilfish on the 60mm ones.

Next up we've got KK-257 a 15mm Machine Gun Nest/Objective Marker, a really nice wooden bunker that could house a HMG or as per the rules in FoW of conversly it could server perfectly well as a command / observation bunker for an objective.

That's about it for now, check back next week when we'll be kicking the New Year off with something a bit special, until then eat, drink and be merry.

13 Nov. 09  
These seem to have taken a long time to get them sculpted, cast, painted and photographed ready for release but we hope you'll like them as much as we do and think it was worth the wait. We can no finally release our newest range of 15mm buildings KK-249 Oriental City in a Box, the set contains 5 buildings, one each of the initial releases in this range (if they proove popular we have lots more stuff planned) at a bargin price of £45.

Also just to mention we have been informed that we are not going to be in our ususal spot at Warfare next weekend 21st-22nd November. However we are still definitey there so if your in the area drop by and say hi. Lastly if you are planning on pre-ordering items for the show can you please contact us by Wednesday 18th at the latest. Cheers.

10 Nov. 09  
Well, we have another release today, again it's more on the Sci-fi and Fantasy side of things, it's KK-248 the Crystal outcrop scenic item/objective marker whichever takes your fancy. It's cast from an actual quartz outcrop and is therefore authentic in is form so if you like the idea but not the design you need to take it up with Mother Nature :)

Orders and the Postal Strike, I can confirm that we are 100% upto date in order shipping so if you are still missing an order we can only assume that it is held in a backlog somewere

Lastly, we are at Reading on the weekend of the 21st-22nd November, this will be our last show for 2009, we'll be back in 2010 starting at Vapnartak in February which is a new shown for us.Anyhow as always we arel imited in the amount of stock we can carry with us and it's very likely that we will run out of things over the weekend, if you know you especially want certain items you can always pre-order them by mailing a list of requirements and your name to theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk and we will make sure it's waiting for you to pick up.

28 Oct. 09  
Hi still struggling on with a borrowed (steam powered) computer here but I finally have a handle on how to get newpages set up which is good as we have new stuff to show you. Our new City in a Box is off to get painted up but in the mean time here are some new Sci-fi bases. First up we have a couple of sets of Bike bases, they're not stricly GW sized being the same length but nociably wider so that they are actually wide enought to house a Marine or Orc Bike, the first set KK-245 imaginatively entitled Bike Bases (large) Set-A have a definite desert/wasteland feel to them while the equally innovatively titled Bike Bases (large) Set-B KK246 os more inkeeping with the detritus strewn look of KK-077 and KK-078 the sets of 60mm Battlefield bases. Also we have a bit of an innovation KK-247 is the 60mm weighted base, the bases feature large rock formations and are go through multis stage casting process to enable us to embed a series of non-ferrous metal weights in to the casting making them superb flight stands for larger models and vehicles.
28 Sept. 09  
Hi, it's been a while, I've had a major computer failure and lost the ability to update the site other that manually code it like I'm doing now, I hope this works as I haven't done any of this for more years than I can remember, if the whole site goes "mammories up" then well 'opps!'.

My main reaon for chancing all this is to inform you that we are going to be away for a few days in October, so any orders placed after Friday 2nd October will not be shipped out until we get back on the 14th October, with a bit of luck I'll have a new computer sorted out by then and I'll be able to do a full update and show you all the nice new stuff we have, including our new City in a Box, new GW style sci-fi bases and scenery and a new bit of 15mm WWII kit.

Oh! before I go, we'll be at Derby this weekend for the Worlds, sorry no link I'm not confident enough for that, if you want to place any pre-orders the address is as always theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk. Which also reminds me, the mailinglist@kerrandking.co.uk address is also no operational at the moment, don't know why but I cannot get it to recieve on this borrowed laptop, so if you need to contact me do it through the gallery@kerrandking.co.uk address. Sorry for the inconvenience.

14 Aug 09  

"Do I remember it? Hell Yeah I remember it like it wuz yesterday. The Lt. and me had been on an early morning recon and while we were gone our driver Private R. Mac Donald just flipped out. Sury he'd cooked us a 'big breakfast' like he did every morning but he painted the Lt's jeep in the most crazy colors and kept going on about having one in every town back home.

Well some times a guy went crazy like that, what with the war and everythin' nothing for it we just shipped him back Stateside, can't imagine he ever amounted to anything, poor S.O.B."

Well we finallly made it, it's been a close run thing but I just got the photos back of Craig who kindly agreed to paint this years Britcon giveaway for us. Cheers Craig, can't thank you enough. So there you have it, it's not a fillm this year, everyone in the Flames of War comp at Britcon this weekend will be getting one so hope you guys like it.

19 June 09  
Hi there, it's it's just a quick hello and goodbye, we're off on our holidays tomorrow and any order placed from now on we will not be able to despatch until the week commencing the 6th of July. We are at Phalanx tomorrow then off to the airport, see you all in a fortnight.
27 May 09  
More remould today both
  • KK-220 15mm German SdKfz 250/1 Halftrack
  • KK-221 15mm German SdKfz 251/1 Halftrack

are sporting new shiney moulds again, we really do 'chunk' through these moulds lately. Also a bit on new stuff in the form of corner sets for our recently released wall sets so with out further ado we have KK-082 the Adobe Wall Corner Set and KK-083 the Stucco Wall Corner Set.

We're at UK Games Expo in Birmingham on the 6th and 7th of June, as always if you defineitly want something specific we recomment that you send us an email to theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk to pre-order your desired items.

01 May 09  
Sorry we're a week late again with the promised walls but we do now have them as well as an absolute shed-load of new re mastered moulds.

New stuff first, our highly successful sets of wall KK-022 the Adobe Walls Set and KK-023 the Stucco Wall Set have been re mastered and remoulded, with the addition of the textured base around the wall we think these offer a significant improvement over the previous ones.

Remoulds are many so I'm going to just give you a list

    • KK-003 Forward Command Post
    • KK-006 North Africa Fuel Dump Objective Marker for FoW
    • KK-008 Pillbox
    • KK-039 15mm North African Command Bases (Set of 4)
    • KK-040 15mm North African Spotter Bases (Set of 4)
    • KK-102 15mm Rural HMG/Mortar Bases (Set of 4)
    • KK-105 15mm Rural Artillery Bases (Set of 2)
    • KK-107 15mm Tram Barricade
    • KK-108 15mm Tram Barricade Building - A
    • KK-109 15mm Tram Barricade Building - B
    • KK-129 30mm Dockside Bases(6)
    • KK-205 4-Man Infantry Bases - Dead Cows

All of these are no available again and are coming out of beautiful new moulds. Also we have our painted masters of the 60mm GW style bases back from the painter and they are looking pretty nifty so if you saw them the other week and thought 'yeah, they're not bad' take a look at the panted ones see what you think. To save you scrolling down they are KK-077 60mm GW style Battlefield 1 base set, KK-078 60mm GW style Battlefield 2 base set and lastly, for now at least, KK-079 60mm GW style Deckplate base set. I know that some of the battlefield ones are destined to be used under my Tau Piranahs I've never been a big fan of flight bases myself.

Lastly for this week, we realise it's ages off yet but we've booked our annual holidays so just to keep you all in the loop we will be shut down from the 23rd June until the 10th July.

17 April. 09  
Our email problems seem to have finally be resolved (probably shouldn't have said that our loud), we gone almost a month with out any bounced emails (or that either).

Salute was a blast as usual, it is always really nice to get out and meet you guys, sorry we didn't have anything new for you on the day but we haven't been idle. In fact today we have several new items for you. Firstly, we have 3 new sets of bases, a lot of you at salute asked about more GW style bases and top of the request list was 60mm rounds. As always we listened and decided that it would be a good idea, so as soon as we got back we set to making a couple of sets, they are KK-077 60mm GW style Battlefield 1 base set, KK-078 60mm GW style Battlefield 2 base set and lastly, for now at least, KK-079 60mm GW style Deckplate base set.

Also we have managed to get ahold of some scenic barbed wire to complement our field fortifications KK-201 Fortification - Barbed Wire Entanglement and KK-204 Fortification - Pioneer Set. We have two gauges of wire, 0.5 which is suitable for smaller scales such as 15mm, 20 and possible even 10mm as well as the heavier 0.7 which is excellent for scales from 25mm upwards. Both gauges are now available as KK-080 0.5 Gauge scenic Barbed Wire (10m) and KK-081 0.7 Gauge scenic Barbed Wire (10m).

That's about it for this week, I was hoping to promise you the re-release of our new improved Stucco and Adobe wall sets next week, but we have a heavy schedule of re-mastering and remoulding booked in over the next 7 days so we're gonna do our best to have them for next weekend but we're not promising. Until then, see ya!

21 Mar. 09  


Sorted, with a lot of help from our web hosts we have finally sorted out the email problems the have plagued us on and off for the last couple of months. However if you still encounter any problems resort to the emergency address below.

Also KK016 the artillery spotter base set has been temporarily removed from our listings as the mould has disintegrated again. We'll get it back ASAP but with Salute looming it's going to be a few weeks afore we have time to sort it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

19 Mar. 09  


Apparently we're having email problems again, a number of your emails have been bouncing back to you guys from the 'resinzombies' address. We are trying to sort this out with our web hosting guys but in the mean time please direct all mail to nickfarnworth@blueyonder.co.uk, if you have placed any preorders for salute and not received a comfirmation email then please re-mail us at the above address to make sure we have your order. Thanks and appologies for the inconvenience.

11 Mar. 09  
Gosh, it's been a heck of a long time since I did this. I like to say I've had an easy old time, kicking back and relaxing, bus sadly that isn't true, I don't think I have actually stopped moving sinch the 12 of January whan last I sat here typing.

With all that frantic activity you'd expect a slew of new goodies wouldn't you? Again sadly not true, what we've been doing is remastering and remoulding many, many of our items as they were beginning to deteriorate. Amongst the newly revitalised items are KK-111 the European City in a box, all the buildings in that set have been spruced up and remoulded using newly acquired mould making knowledge that makes for a moch cleaner demould and therefore a better product, also benefitting from this new found knowledge has been KK-134 the Horsa Glider again newly remastered and remoulded, KK-171 the Russian City in a Box - Kolkhoz has been remoulded and greatly improved thanks to moulding techniques that eliminate any pitch errors in the roofs. These are just the highlights as many base sets, far too many to list here have been redone and with many more lined up ready for re-doing the future quality of our products in well and truly assured, and as soon as I can catch a break we will begin work on our latest City in Box project which we were hoping to have ready for Salute but we thought it more prudent to keep the quality of or existing products up rather than knock out another set at the expense of our existing products.

Speaking of Salute, it's only a couple of weeks away, we are currently casting like crazy to fulfil order and builld up enough stock for the big day. If there is something you especially want from us I seriously advise you to mail us at theresinzombies@kerrandking.co.uk and place a pre-order so that it will be put on one side for you and you can pick it up at your lesiure

Lastly we have updated our events calendar so all our show dates for 2009 are now correct.

12 Jan. 09  
Bit late with this but the weekend was absolutely crazy trying to get the new redesigned Minefields and Barbed Wire entanglements moulded and cast up. We were delayed during the week when our supplier ran out or RTV which meant no fun this weekend. Anyway long boring story shortm the new minefields KK-202 and KK-203 as well as the new Barbed Wire entanglements KK-201 are all done and available. Sadly I don't have any photo's of them just yet as all the ones cast up over the weekend went straight out the door this morning to fill up outstanding orders, the same will go for any cast up in the next day or so. If you are waiting on any of these items or even the KK-204 Poineer set, don't worry they are either en route as I type or leaving us very shortly and you will be getting the new improved versions.

Right I'm of now to start working on the redesigned Stucco Walls and the new Horsa Glider wing. Hopefully should have more on those soon.

01 Jan. 09  
Having finally recovered from the hedonistic excessess of the Holiday season everyone at Kerr&King would like to wish to all a Happy New Year. And to that end we'd also like present for you delectation and for sale our 2008 Britcon 'The Great Escape' inspired objective marker.

We realised that previously we had upset a lot of our oversees customers with the 2007 Bricton exclusive which was only available to Britcon delegate, this is a little unfair on or loyal customers so in an attempt to remedy the situation, we were very careful not to state that our second giveaway was going to exclusive to Britcon delegates but we did decide not to sell it during 2008. Anyhow that's basically it if you couldn't attend last year and would like to get ahold of one then it's item number KK-244. Next week we are hoping to have the newly redesigned Minefields and Barbed Wire entanglements for you.

28 Nov. 08  
Hi, we've got several of new things for you to day. Well technically it's one new thing and a bunch of stuff back after a bout or remastering and remoulding. First the Newbie, building on the success of our very highly popular City in a Box: Field Fortifications KK-161 we bring you KK-243 Field Fortifications: Trench Set.

A lot you guys asked for single sided trenches to allow you to have twice the amount of trench system for half the price and we listened and improved on that the basic set contains enough parts to construct over 4 feet of trench for less than half the price of our other set. You also asked could they be more 'non-scale' specific, again we listen, these new sections are devoid of the shell casings and items of battlefield detritus that adorn or other set so you can easily stand 20mm or even 25mm figs behind them. There is also a half-set available if you'd like to build up your collection more gradually.

This new trench system in no way heralds the demise of our earlier KK-161 set , each appeals to different markets and we will continue to produce both.

Now for the remoulds, we're constantly monitoring the quality of our moulds as soon as they show any wear they are retired and remade to ensure the quality of casting we insist on. To that end KK-023 Stucco Walls are currently out of production until we can get them remastered.

However, on the 'up side' we have just finished remastering KK-240 our series of Dug-in Panzer IV-H's as well as KK-012 Infantry Bases - Urban (Set of 6), KK-091 15mm Urban Infantry Bases: 4-Man (Set of 6), KK-092 15mm Rural Infantry Bases: 4-Man (Set of 6) and KK-103 15mm Rural Command Bases (Set of 4)

24 Oct. 08  
We've had a few emails informing us that you were unable to access Items, KK-016 the Artillery Spotter/Sniper bases and KK-017 the Command Base Set. for some reason when we readded the links for these when they had been remoulded the actual pages were deleted, we've now fixed that so you should be able to access those two items as normal now and thanks for the 'head's up' guys.

We've also temporarily opened two new email address for pre-orders for upcoming shows, the last couple of show have seen folks disappointed when we have sold out of what they had come for, to avoid this place a preorder there are 2 addresses game@kerrandking.co.uk for preorders for Game'08 in Manchester 1st&2nd November and warfare@kerrandking.co.uk which is unsuprisingly for the Warfare show in Reading 22nd & 23rd November.

17 Oct. 08  
Hi, no new stuff today, but news of newly remastered and remoulded old stuff KK-096 the Three Storey Shelled Building Facade has been remastered and remoulded and in now available once more for sale, similarly K-113 Large 4 Storey 'T' Shaped Ruin and KK-115 Large 3 Storey Shelled building are currently being re-mastered and should get remoulded over the weekend. Sorry we've been a bit slow on the new releases but all the remoulding and remastering is taking up a lot of time. However we should have some new stuff for you soon, although it has proved very popular we have listened to your views and feed back on our Field Fortification Set KK-161 and to that end we are at present putting the finishing touches to a new Field Fortification set. This is a wholly new set and in no way will it replace our exisiting set, more on that soon. We've also started researching a new City in a Box set which shoould be out before the end of the year.

We would also like to thank Harry Smoilis for the Photos of his Americans on our bases, very nice Harry. They are on display in our 15mm gallery if you wish to check them out.

23 Sept. 08  
That went fast,... We're back, obviously otherwise we couldn't be posting and update. We've been back for over a week now but we have been far too busy getting all the outstanding orders out. We are just about coming to the end of it now so if you are still waiting for stuff you ordered while we were away we'd like to apologise and say that it should be with you shortly.

We can also announce the return of a few items to our listings, just before we went on holidays a some of our moulds gave up the ghost and died, we have since we got back been toiling to get them all re-done. First up is KK-016 the Artillery Spotter/Sniper bases, now beautifully re mastered and ready of purchase, also we have redone KK-017 the Command Base Set. And then the big project for last week was to remould the entire Lingevres- City in a Box comprising KK-193 the large Civic Building, KK-194 The pair of buildings - shelled, KK-195 the Pair of buildings KK-196 Northern French Building with lime washed walls and Pan tiled roof and lastly KK-197 Northern French Building with rendered walls and tiled roof.

That's about all for now, thanks for your patience with our absence, we will continue striving to get your purchases to you with an little delay as possible

29 Aug. 08  
Well that's about it we're off on hols, we should be back round mid-September.
26 Aug. 08  
Midnight, sorry that's it we have had to implement the new prices. Not everything had been increased, all base sets are the same, a couple of sets are even cheaper. The Cities in Boxes have been streamlined, with the exception of the Field Fortification set all now only available in one standard configuration and all priced the same.

Also we are off on our annual Summer break towards the end of the week, the time between now and then will be taken clearing the orders we have so anything ordered from this point on will most likely not get shipped until after we get back in mid-September. Sorry for the inconvenience.

25 Aug. 08  
Hi, we're a bit slow with the update for the reported price increase. Basically some people have contacted us to report that some of the buttons were not acting properly. We've had a good trawl through the code found and rectified the problem now so you guys should have no problem getting what you want and in the interests of fairness we'll hang off on the price update 'until midnight tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. J. King
18 Aug. 08  
Had a bit of a problem their, I originally posted this if Friday evening but for some reason the upload didn't 'take'. So re-doing it first thing this morning was my top priority. However as we were effectively a couple of days late with the update we'll extend the deadline for the price increases until midnight next Sunday 24th August, everything ordered before then will pay the old prices. Thanks and sorry for the delay.


Hi again, back as promised and with a tidal wave of new releases. First of all we have all the new Northern France buildings to go along side KK-198 the previously released Les Verrieres 2 story house, there's KK-228 Les Verrieres small farm building, and at the other end of the scale there's KK-229 Les Verrieres farm large building, then there's KK-230 Les Verrieres Shelled Cottage and lastly KK-231 Les Verrieres Lime washed stone barn. As usual these all combine to form City in a Box which contains all the buildings at a discounted price which has us jumping forward several items to mention KK-241 the Northern France: Les Verrieres City in a Box set.

Our set of buildings is a lot more extensive, weighing in at an impressive 8 buildings. They are all Karelian in styling and before I go into the details of the range I'd like to personally thank Antti Heiskanen whom made this range possible, without all your help providing photographs and background information we would never have been able to bring this range to realisation "Thank you for all you help Antti"

As I have previously mention there are 8 buildings in the range kicking off with KK-232 a Karelian with covered staired entrance then it's KK-233 Medium Karelian house, KK-234 a Karelian hut with a decoratively carved door and then KK-235 another Karelian hut with damaged roof, KK236 Large Karelian house then one of my personal favourites KK-237 the 2 storey Karelian house with balcony which I think is very cool as the balcony is cantilevered instead of being supported from the ground up, it is also one of our most detailed buildings ever as it come in six sections . Then my absolute favourite KK-238 the Karelian Prayer House which has the coolest roof we have ever done and needed some pretty special moulding to get it to work, the last building in the range is KK-239 the Pair of Karelian houses. Again there is a City in a Box deal KK-242 which get you 5 of the buildings at a discounted price.

Also we have a new vehicle which should be of interest of any of you guys out there who are playing or planning to play late war 21st Panzer Division armies as we have by special request from Roger Witham KK-240 a dug-in Panzer IVH as detailed in Monty's Meatgrinder, in fact we have 3 different designs which will be supplied randomly so if using multiples there's no need to do any conversion work to give them a bit of individuality.

12 Aug. 08  
After referring to the last update as being along time coming we seem to have set a new record in tardiness for site updates. The reasons have been many fold, firstly we have been working absolutely 'flat out' to bring a horde of new items to BRITCON this year, in fact next weekend. That hasn't been a total success, we're pretty sure that we won't have the 5 new sets of air support markers done in time, unless my plans for a 96hour working day can be implemented very quickly. However it's not all bad news we are going to be at BRITCON with no less than twelve new 15mm buildings both European and Russian, two new Cities in Boxes, the long awaited "Les Verrieres" set which we did have in limited numbers at Albanich back at the beginning of July which strangely no-one bought and a brand new Karelian set, also we will have our fantastic range of affordable 15mm WW.II vehicles and a new Dug-in Panzer IV H as detailed in Montys Meatgrinder.

So as you can tell we have been far from idle, we have also been experimenting with new production techniques which allow us to produce much finer and more complex items some of our new buildings contain up to 6 components and are more like resin kit than simple casting.

Lastly we have also been putting off this latest up date mainly because we have been trying to put off the inevitable price increase, we haven't altered our prices for a few years now but our materials costs have rocketed, for instance or resin costs are 400% what they were a year ago. Back in July we decided that our next web update would see a price increase, I have put that off as almost long as possible. Almost, we are going to keep our prices as they are until after BRITCON, so everyone attending will be able to take advantage of our old prices and everyone else can have one last weekend where they can older what they want at the old price, including the new buildings, Cities in a Box and Panzer IV which will be on the site for purchase from Friday the same time people will be able to get them at BRITCON.