Okay first off the conditions, there are a few. Well actually there's one the second one is just us messing about.
  1. To qualify for free shipping you need to spend more that excede £20. All orders of a value of greater than £20 will be shipped free. To anywhere in the world. Orders under the magical £20.01 will be charged a standard £3.00 towards the ever increasing cost of shipping.
  2. Anywhere in the world refers to any address on the surface of the earth that has a local postal service. Please note personnel serving in any Top Secret deep sea research stations, or aboard the International Space Station will incur a very hefty delivery surcharge to cover the cost of chartering either a submarine or space shuttle.

And that's pretty much it, buy more that £20 worth of Kerr&King stuff and we'll ship it for free. And what's more we still ship via Airmail as standard (unless stated otherwise), it's not like we're gonna stick you with surface mail and you have to pay extra if you want it this decade. So just to reiterate, that's free Air Mail Shipping to anywhere in the World (unless stated otherwise).

Right, so why you may ask.

The reason is simple. Lots of shops from all over the world have been in contact with us asking if we could supply them. Naturally we were very pleased and somewhat flattered that people like our product and have been asking for it.

The down side of this was that the discounts that retail outlet require were to our mind too high for us to absorb. Retail outlets in one country even wanted us to pay for their shipping as well as a huge discount. If we were to do this and it still be worth our while we would have to raise our prices... a lot. Coupled with the recent increase in our material cost that would mean effectively putting our prices up twice, something we weren't prepared to.

So, long story short (okay 'shorter' I've rambled on a bit) we decided to scrap the 15% shipping fee and supply it to you guys for free, just think of us as you local K&K stockist and what's more we always have what you want in stock. We despatch same day where possible and as we've already said ship Airmail so you shouldn't have to wait very long to receive your goods.

In conclusion then, our stuff isn't going to be making an appearance in your local shop in the foreseeable future, but that's a good thing because it would have costed you a lot more it if it had. We'll ship it to you for free and as fast as modern jet propulsion technology will allow.

Thank you

J.King & J.Kerr