KK-127 50mm Dockside Bases (set of 2)

KK-127 50mm Dockside Bases

This set of two 50mm diameter fantasy bases are designed to represent either a Dock of Quayside. The bases are designed with a deeper than average recess on the top and then all the elements of scenery are sculpted on (see photo below). Once you have painted them and added the figure of your choice simply add some scenic water, there are many different types, we used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.

The bases depict a variety of waterside environments from rough stone quays to rotting old jetties, all are suitably adorned with dock side paraphernalia such as old buckets, Barrels, lengths of chain, sewer outlets even a cruising shark.

The set comprises 2 different bases (one each of the ones shown above), the bases are cast in high quality polyester resin and are supplied in an unpainted state and requiring the addition of scenic water (not included)

Other Scenic Water compatible bases available are KK-122, KK-123, KK-124, KK-125, KK-126, KK-128, KK-129

Price £4.00 (set of two)