KK-119 50mm Dia. Graveyard Cavalry Bases

KK-119 50mm Graveyard Cavalry Bases (Set of 3)

A set of three different 50mm diameter bases with a grave yard theme with the obligatory leaning tombstones, bushes, overgrown paths, rickety fences even the odd Rams Skull (what can I say Jason and the Argonauts was on over Christmas)

The base are eminently suitable for all manner of large figure although I say Cavalry and they would look superb with some Warmachine Soulhunters on them they would look equally good with any large creature etc.

The set comprises 3 different bases (one each of the ones shown above), the bases are cast in high quality polyester resin and are supplied in an unpainted state

Price £5.50 (set of three)