KK-032 50mm Dia. Fantasy Base

Of all of our newly revamped 28mm range, this is the biggest most over the top base we have. Cast resin bases it is beautifully detailed while offering ample space to mount a large figure, the great thickness to the base also provides excellent pinning opportunities when fixing your pride and joy in place. I personally think that after spending countless hours painting my latest master piece that it cannot be 'too' secure when placing in on its base.

Each base is exactly 50mm in diameter and features very necrotic style, suitable for any undead or chaos oriented figures. The new Cryx DeathJack would look awesome on this base as it would tower even more over the pathetic squishy mortals.

At only two quid we feel that this represents superb value for money and is a must have item for any general of the Undead, Chaos, Cryx etc. All are supplied in an unpainted state

Price £2.00 (each)