25-30mm Bases and Buildings

Our 25-30mm range of bases, scenery and accessories is expertly cast in high quality Polyester resin, using only the finest filler powders. Each master is sculpted by our talented design team and is packed with as much detail as the scale and moulding process will allow. Our aim is to provide the gamer with the gamer with the best quality accessories possible at a very affordable price. All items are supplied in an unpainted state.
Our complete 25-30mm range, the products are organised in straight catalogue number order, if you are shopping for specific products and you already know the KK number this is probably the best place to start.
All our scenic bases including ones compatible with Urban War, Warmachine, Warhammer and 40K, Dark Age etc.
Whether its base or building your after if its Science fiction in nature all our stuff's here
Fantasy stuff, bases, buildings and accessories it'll all end up here
Buildings. That's it really, if it's a building and it falls into the 25-30mm scale bracket then it'll be here