KK-258 Britcon '09 Objective Marker

"Do I remember it? Hell Yeah I remember it like it wuz yesterday. The Lt. and me had been on an early morning recon and while we were gone our driver Private R. Mac Donald just flipped out. Sure he'd cooked us a 'big breakfast' like he did every morning but he painted the Lt's jeep in the most crazy colors and kept going on about having one in every town back home.

Well some times a guy went crazy like that, what with the war and everythin' nothing for it we just shipped him back Stateside, can't imagine he ever amounted to anything, poor S.O.B."

KK- 258 Britcon '09 Objective Marker

Designed as a giveaway for the participants of the Flames of War competition at the British National Wargaming Championships at Britcon '09 this finely detailed objective marker was inspired the birth of a popular fast food franchise, we think it accurately illustrates that even a multi-billion dollar idea sometimes needs to be filed away for a more appropriate moment.

It is cast in high quality Polyurethane Resin and are supplied unpainted and requires the addition of figures as they are not supplied.

Britcon '09 Objective Marker