KK-171 City in a Box: Karelian Village

KK- 242 City in a Box: Eastern Front - Karelian Village.

Although eminently suitable for World War II gaming on the Eastern Front, that being where Karelila was situated this range of building would also serve Russian Civil War gaming, Napoleonic battles, WW.I as well a Wild West and American Civil War.

The set comprised s the following buildings from the range:

  • KK-232 Karelian House with Staired Entrance
  • KK-233 Medium Karelian House
  • KK-234 Karelian Hut with Carved Door
  • KK-236 Large Karelian House
  • KK-237 2-storey Karelian House with Balcony

All the building come with removable roofs, have fully detailed interior walls and will comfortably accommodate Flames of War style bases.. All sections are cast in high quality Polyester Resin and are supplied unpainted.

All the building in these sets are available to purchase separately see KK-232, KK-233, KK-234, KK-236 and KK-237 for more details

City in a Box: Karelian Village