KK-240 Dug-in Panzer IV-H

KK- 240 Dug-in Panzer IV-H

These three piece castings (dug-in hull, turret and seperate barrel) superbly depict a dug-in late war Panzer IV-H tank.

From what we can gather the soldiers of the German army often got board waiting for the allies to get around to moving off the beach and heading in land to see 'the real France', so to pass the time they organised the fabled sport of tank burying, there was even an inter-divisional league which apparently the 21st Panzer Div won out right, great tank 'buryers' in the 21st.

We're joking of course but the tanks are real enough and for FoW players the rules associated with their use can be found in Monty's Meatgrinder. There are 3 design variants available which will be supplied randomly

The building is cast in high quality, durable Polyurethane resin, comes in two sections and is supplied unpainted

Dug in Panzer IV-H

£6.00 each