KK-229 Les Verrieres large Building

KK- 229 Les Verrieres Large Building

On 14th June1944 whilst British 7th Armoured Division was fighting for the "Island Position", 50th Infantry division launched a divisional attack with two brigades supported by RAF fighter ground attack and the full divisional artillery. During this assault the 151st (Durham) Infantry Brigade, compromising6th, 8th, and 9th Durham Light Infantry , supported by tanks of 4th & 7th Dragoon Guards, began the assault by launching the 9th DLI to capture the village of Lingevres, some 3km west of Tilly-sur-Seulles. Meanwhile 6th Durham Light Infantry was to attack the hamlet of les Verrieres which lay to the North-east of Lingevres. If the attack were successful, the 6th DLI would then push on towards Hottot-les-Bagues. Both attacks pitted the Geordies against the extremely skilled Panzergrenadiers of Panzer Lehr Division, who could be expected to make the fullest use of the very difficult bocage country, where surprise was very easy to achieve and death lurked around every corner.

However although the Geordies successfully took les Verrieres, they were then held up by strong resistance beyond the straggle of houses and farms and could get no further south than about 200metres from the Tilly - Lingevers road. That night they withdrew just to the north of Les Verrieres itself and prepared for a further advance of the 15th of June.

The casting is of a large rendered building with tiled roof and foliage creeping up the exterior walls. Internally the building can accomodate several stangs of 15mm soldiers and has a removable floor for the upper story. The Building is cast in high Quality Polyurethane resin, comes in three secton and is supplied unpainted

Les Verrieres Large Building

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