KK-204 Fortification - Pioneer Set

KK- 204 Fortification - Pioneer Set

The Pioneer contains everything you need to field a unit of pioneers in Flames of War, well except the actual pioneers and the supply truck. What you get is 3 barbed wire entanglements and a single minefield for a discounted price

The set contains 3 Barbed wire entanglements which are supplied randomly although will probably be one each of each design and a single minefield section . There is a choice of minefields either KK-202 with the jeep or KK-203 with the dead cows.

For more information on the products contained in this set refer to following items KK-201 Fortification - barbed wire entanglements, KK-202 fortification - Minefield and KK-203 Fortification - Minefield (cows)

The sections are cast in highly durable polyurethane resin and are supplied unpainted and without wire.

Fortification- Pioneer Set (Jeep)

£18.00 (set of 4)

Fortification- Pioneer Set (Cows)

£18.00 (set of 4)