KK-201 Fortification - Barbed wire Entanglement

KK- 201 Fortification - Barbed wire Entanglement

This fortification piece represents a barbed wire entanglement and features a series of hastily set posts on some rough ground along with some corpses of the poor souls whose job it was to cut the wire without alerting the enemy.

Although sold singly there are 3 different designs on available which will be shipped randomly. The entanglements measure 20cm x 5cm or 8" x 2" making the suitable for popular 15mm WW.II games such as FoW where they work brilliant in the role of area denial or slowing down infantry advances.

The sections are cast in highly durable polyurethane resin and are supplied unpainted and without wire.

The following items are compatible with this product, KK-202 and KK-202. This item is also available as part of KK-204 Pioneer set.

Barbed wire entanglement

£5.00 each