KK-175 Air Support Markers - Messerschmitt

KK- 175 Air Support Markers - Messerschmitt

Air Support, a wonderful addition to various WW.II gaming systems such as Flames of War, potentially devastating and more that capable of pulling your "botty out of the fire" but we have found the expense and hassle of buying planes and storing and transporting them to a venue coupled with the annoying way that every one else in the place seems to be on a mission to knock them on the floor when they're not in use is frankly too much, so in true Kerr&King fashion we had a think about how we could possible simplify the situation.

This is what we came up with, the planes are only on the table for a few minutes at a time and are only there so you can measure distance to friend and foe units in the area so we thought do away with the planes and go for markers, and we did.

This set comprises three approximately 50mm dia. Air support markers each detailed with the representation of a Messerschmitt, ideal for placing when calling up air support, having a very low profile they are incredibly stable and are going to be very easy to store both in you model case for transport and on the edge of the table when not in use. Lastly all three are cheaper than the average cost of one 1:100 scale model once you've reckoned in shipping.

The markers are cast in high quality polyester resin, require no assembly and are supplied unpainted.

Air Support Markers - Messerschmitt

(Set of 3) £4.40