KK-171 City in a Box: Russian Kolkhoz

KK- 171 City in a Box: Russian Kolkhoz

This collection of Russian Farmhouses, Barns and peasant houses has been accurately sculpted to resemble the types of building commonly encountered on the Kalmuck Steppe by the German Advance and later retreat during the Second World War. However They would also sit comfortably in early war Russian/Finnish battles as well as Russian Civil War or even Napoleonic scenarios

The city in a box contains 5 buildings, one each of the following

All the building come with removable roofs, have fully detailed interior walls and will comfortably accommodate Flames of War style bases.. All sections are cast in high quality Polyester Resin and are supplied unpainted.

All the building in these sets are available to purchase separately see KK-131, KK-132, KK-167, KK-168 & KK170 for more details, also available in this range is ,KK-169

City in a Box: Russian Kolkhoz