KK-161 Field Fortification. City in a Box Deal

KK- 161 Field Fortification. City in a Box

Okay so not technically a City but with previous City in a Box deals we have tried to offer really great discounts on our product and our Field Fortifications deal no different, so we feel that it is deserving the title City in a Box.

Anyhow enough of that lets get back to the deal and what you get, as always we offer two configurations a standard and de-luxe. In our standard set you get everything in the set except KK-142 the Machine Gun Nest so you get

  • 2 Straight Trench Sections KK-135
  • 2 Recessed Trench Sections KK-136
  • 2 Large Angled Trench Sections KK-137
  • 2 Small Angled Trench Sections KK-138
  • 2 Trench Ends KK-139
  • 2 Trench run-ins KK-140
  • 1 Three-way Junction KK-141
  • 1 Large Gun Emplacement KK-143
  • 1 Small Gun Emplacement KK-144

All of that if bought separately comes to a total of £82 and bundled deal is £65 that's a saving of £17. Our de-luxe option includes everything listed above plus the excellent KK-142 Machine Gun Nest for only £10 extra, making a total saving of £22. We think that is a pretty good deal however there is a slight downside.

With the section being such substantial pieces we cannot afford offer our usual free shipping and such a large discount to non-European customers, sorry. It's not all bad though we will still ship it to you for free however we can only afford to do it Surface Mail for free. If you live outside of Europe and want this deal but don't want to wait contact our sales department and we will work out a surcharge to make up the difference between the two rates that will enable us to send it airmail for you. Please note European order will still be shipped airmail free of charge.

The sections are cast in high quality Polyester Resin and is supplied unpainted.

Standard Deal

Price £70.00

De-luxe Deal

Price £85.00