KK-111 European "City in a box"

KK- 111 "European City in a Box"

After the run away success that was the Desert City in a Box see KK-013 fo r details we decided to continue with the idea and produce whole range of such products. Unlike our earlier Desert set the European City in a Box all new sculpts at a bargain price.

  • 1 KK-096 Three Storey Shelled Building facade
  • 1 KK-112 Small 2 Storey ruin
  • 1 KK-113 Large 4 Storey "T" shaped ruin
  • 1 KK-114 Large double Ground floor ruin
  • 1 KK-115 Large 3 Storey Shelled Building
  • 1 KK-095 Two Storey Town House

The buildings are not only beautifully detailed but historically accurate, all these buildings are designed from WW.II archive material with, we also avoided any really strongly geographically influenced architecture so that these buildings can sit comfortably in any European Urban Conflict from WW.I to present day.

All the pieces are cast in high quality Polyeurethane Resin and are supplied unpainted.

Price £50.00