KK-108 15mm Tram Barricade Building - A

KK-108 15mm Tram Barricade Building A

With the release of our European City in a Box set may people have requested additional buildings in the same style that could be placed at either end of our 15mm Tram Street Barricade to enable it to look more integrated into the surrounding terrain.

To that end we have this small ruined building that fits perfectly around the end of our Tram Barricade. The building complements the styling of the buildings in our European city in a Box and is fully detailed both inside and out.

This building is also available bundled with KK0109 Tram Barricade Building - B for a discounted price and for even further savings with the Complete Tram Barricade Deal that gets you the Tram Barricade and both the End Buildings (see photos below for details.

The item is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted. All sizes are approximate.

Price £6.50
Tram Barricade Buildings (set of 2)

Price £12.00

Complete Tram Barricade Deal

Price £20.00