KK-107 15mm Tram Barricade

KK-107 15mm Tram Barricade

Our first 15mm Street Barricade is as you can see the much requested and long awaited 15mm version of our very popular and sadly discontinued 20mm Tram Barricade. Like that piece this is one substantial hunk of scenery measuring in at 170mm long and 60mm wide with a height of over 40mm this will perfectly compliment the buildings of our European City in a Box.

As you can see the tram is stuffed full of anything and everything that will make it both bullet proof and hard to move, as well as piling up sandbags, fallen masonry, generally rubble and wedging it against a street light for that extra bit of immobility the defenders have even pressed a 'trashed' Kubelwagen into service, wedging it into place and filling it with sandbags.

The street is also beautifully realised with broken paving stones and properly defined side walks, all in all if you're planning any kind of urban conflict we can heartily recommend the Kerr&King tram barricade for all your insurgent stopping needs.

For even better value for money check out our complete Tram Barricade deal which includes the Tram Barricade and both of the specially designed buildings (KK-108 and KK-109) that fit around the barricade to enable it to fully integrate with the buildings of our European City in a Box set

The item is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted. All sizes are approximate.

Price £12.00
Complete Tram Barricade Deal

Price £20.00