KK-095 15mm Two Storey Town House

KK-095 15mm Two Storey Town House

A superbly detail 2 storey European town house featuring some really nice brick work in the firm of supporting piles and in a decorative border between the ground and first storey as well as an authentic European vertically split front door. Internally the detail is excellent. The structure had taken a artillery hit at some point so a large part of the back right-hand corner isn't there any more however the shattered plaster work, partially collapsed staircase, the fallen masonry and damage floor boards all add to the 'war torn' ambiance. All the rooms have been sizes to house a standard FoW 50x32mm infantry base with the exception of the upstairs back room which will easily accommodate a smaller Command/Spotter/Sniper base.

The building come is two sections, ground and upper floor, and measures up at an impressive 95mm wide, 120mm deep and 70mm tall.

The item is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted. All sizes are approximate.

15mm Two Storey Town House

Price £16.00