KK-091 Fow Infantry Bases 4-Man

KK-091 15mm Urban 4-Man Infantry Bases (Set of 6)

A set of 'Flames of War' compatible 4 man infantry bases designed by popular demand to house just four men instead of the more usual 5 these bases are eminently suitable street fighting theatres. The bases measure a standard 30x50mm and each have four 10mm dia. circular recesses to house your troops. The detailing on this set is truly superb with plenty of building remains, most of the bases have a split level theme where sections of the internal floors have collapsed add in the Kerr&King staples of sandbags, debris, shattered paving slabs sections of tiled floors and I think you'll agree we have something truly special to house your painted figures.

The item is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted. All sizes are approximate.

Price £5.00 (Set of 6)