KK-066 Heavy Tank Bases & Markers - Rural

KK-066 Heavy Tank Bases & 'Hull Down' Markers - Rural

Our second batch of Tank bases kicks off with the 'Heavies' again designed for the real 'Big Boys' your Tigers, KingTigers, JS-2's the real kings of the battle field. These rural style bases feature some of the finest rural terrain I have ever seen the trees are a joy to behold and look even better in real life that they do here, heavy tank track imprinted into dirt roads, hastily dug field defences all combine to for a truly fantastic outdoor mood.. The 'Hull Down/ Gone to Ground' makers are suitably sandbagged and reinforced. Other Tank Bases also available Heavy Urban, Med Urban, Light Urban, Heavy Rural, Med Rural and Light Rural. Pop over to the Gallery to see then with Tanks on them, they look really cool.

The bases measure approx. 60 x 85 mm, while the markers measure 40x80mm, all items are cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted.

Price £6.50 (set of 2 plus 2 markers)