WWII 15mm Large Vehicle Bases - Urban

KK-055 Set of 3 Large Vehicle Bases - Urban

A set of bases approx. 63x33mm, cast in polyester resin and beautifully sculpted to accommodate 15mm vehicles. Designed to compliment our existing set of Vehicle bases KK-019 this set is slightly larger so as to more comfortably accommodate your larger vehicles. I've just bases up my Sd.Kfz.251/1's on them and they are looking mighty fine. Originally intended for larger WW.II transports e.g. halftracks, larger trucks etc., they could easily serve as bases for the smaller end of the 20mm vehicles as well as being used many other modern theatres of conflict.

Detail is on par with our usual standard, with shattered masonry, tore up paving slabs twisted metal and the like. Supplied in sets of 3, supplied unpainted.

Price £3.00 (per set of 3)