KK-022 15mm Adobe Wall set (Set of 6)

KK-022 15mm Adobe Wall set

The set contains 6 sections of Adobe wall, 4 long sections measuring approx. 105mm in length and 2 shorter sections measuring approx. 55mm.

Designed to look like typical Adobe construction featuring damaged and crumbling render with exposes a traditional mud brick inner wall.

The set is typical of those found in North Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, South America etc. and as such lends itself to use in any 10 to 15 mm wargame set in those areas. E.g. WW.II Flames of War, El Alamein, Sudan in 19th century, Israeli/Palestine wars, War in Mexico, will also be suitable as an Orc building for GW epic, etc. Also compatible with KK-082 Adobe Wall Corner set

Items are cast in high quality Polyurethane resin, require no assembly and are supplied unpainted.

Price £6.00 (set of 6)