15mm Anti-tank Gun Bases (Set of 2)

KK-018 15mm Anti-tank Gun Bases

We loved our Artillery/Anti-tank gun bases KK-009 and KK-010. You loved them too, but many of you rightly pointed out that certain games require smaller AT guns to be mounted on a smaller (35x50mm) base. As always we listened and did the only thing we could, give you guys exactly what you wanted.

Our new, smaller AT gun bases are 35x50mm (give or take a bugs doodah). Beautifully sculpted as always (that bloke we keep locked up under the stairs is worth every penny we don't pay him) broken walls, fallen masonry, those awesome paving slabs and that shattered tilled floor are just... Well you've got eyes, you know how good they look and only £2.00 the pair.

The item is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted. All sizes are approximate.

Price £3.00set of two)