Artillery Spotter/Observer Bases (Set of 4)

KK-016 Artillery Spotter/Observer Bases

Set of 4 scenic bases for 15mm troops, ideal for WW.II games such as Flames of war. This set is designed to house 2 man artillery spotter/observer teams. The bases are cast in resin and are supplied unpainted.

The level of detail is up to Kerr & Kings usual high standard with dislodged manhole covers exposing shafts leading down through the base and large ducts protruding from factory walls. The designer was obviously going through an 'Enemy at the Gates' phase when he was working on these, which brings us nicely to the two-storey base shown towards the rear of the photo. Imagine how cool your spotter would look crouching at the upstairs window while his mate stands guard at the foot of the stair next to the dead soldier. This would also make the coolest Sniper base of all time.

The item is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted. All sizes are approximate.

Price £3.00 (set of four)