15mm Desert City in a Box Set

KK- 013 15mm Desert City in a Box Set

The Desert City in a box is suitable for any 15mm desert theatre of conflict and should appeal to Ancient and Modern wargamers alike. The set comproses the following items

  • 1 large Adobes
  • 1 medium-A Adobes
  • 1 medium-B Adobes
  • 1 small Adobes
  • 1 Large Adobe courtyard
  • 1 medium-A Adobe courtyard
  • 1 medium-B Adobe courtyard
  • 1 small Adobe courtyard
  • 1 second storey Annex's
  • 1 sets of roof domes (only one set shown)
  • 1 set of Adobe Walls (6 sections, not shown)
  • 1 North African Fuel Dump Objective Marker

All the pieces are cast in high quality resilient Polyurethane Resin and are supplied unpainted.

Desert City in a Box

Price £50.00 (per set)