KK-006 FoW Fuel Dump Objective Marker

KK-006 15mm FoW North African Fuel Dump Objective Marker

A superbly detailed cast resin objective marker for use in 15mm WW.II games such as Flames of War. This North African Fuel/Ammo dump is, rather sensibly, located inside the ruins of a shelled Adobe.

It's got to be the right decision if you think about it, I mean half draping a tarpaulin over a pile of barrels isn't really a solution is it? Lets face it even the Germans out of "'Allo 'Allo" or the "Warmington-on-Sea Home guards" could find that. No what you do is, store it all in a shelled building, first off it's out of sight, secondly it's easier to defend and lastly a bomb has already landed there and it's a bloomin' big desert what're the odds of another landing in the same spot.

The Building is of the same style as our other Adobes and would sit well in a amongst our existing desert buildings and walls. The base dimensions are the regulation 50x60mm for an objective marker.

The item is cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted

Price £6.00 (each)