KK-188 Pokerchip Scenic Aeroplane Bases

KK-188 Pokerchip Scenic Aeroplane bases

Probably one of our wackier ideas but we have to say they both look great and are very effective. Let me explain. When we play Air combat games altitude can be troublesome to represent, we've done the "switching models routine" and the "different lengths of wire thang" but recently we hit on this, we made some bases the size of Pokerchips, and then used stacks of pokerchips underneath them to represent the altitude, it not only simple and effective it's also really easy to source very cheap pokerchips these days.

The bases come in random sets of 5 bases, at present we have ten different designs,

The bases are cast in high quality Polyester resin and are supplied unpainted in random sets of 5.


Price £4.00 (per set of 5 random)